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Experience Ethiopia's History and Culture in One Meal


The dishes at Abyssinia trace back millennia. Our spices originate in Ethiopia or were brought there through trade over the Red Sea. Our recipes were passed down from king to king and generation to generation and are now available to our customers.

Our featured beverages include traditional Ethiopian honey wine, called Tej, and traditional Ethiopian coffee, called Bunna. Tej is one of the world's oldest fermented drinks, and pairs well with all of our dishes, while our Bunna, uniquely and perfectly spiced, can be a warm and refreshing way to end your meal.

Come to Abyssinia and experience the true taste of Ethiopia.

“Abyssinia effortlessly provides a fulfilling balance of savory senses throughout the meal, ranging from surprising heat to calming sweetness. And you’re sure not to leave hungry.” 

 -   Democrat & Chronicle  -



“I gotta say, I was a bit wary about the idea of Ethiopian food at first, but I think I can safely say that it’s good conversation food. Here’s to another night at Abyssinia, because I’ll surely be going back.”

Campus Times  -

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